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Mandatory and Priority Training Now Online

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Mandatory and Priority Training Now Online
by Terri Smith - Monday, 3 June 2013, 11:30 AM

The first two fully online certificated courses have now been launched on Quarriers elearning; Food Safety and Equality and Diversity. These can be both be found in the Mandatory and Priority Training section. The two courses both have online learning materials which feature multimedia screens and interactivity;

There's also a printable version of the course for those who prefer/or aren't able to work online, which incorporates QR codes so as not to miss out on multimedia 'learn more' links. The courses feature assessments which are graded; once you achieve the grade for a pass, you can even print out your own certificate !

Please take some time to fill in the online feedback form or the course evaluation so we can improve the courses we offer, or post a comment here ;-)

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