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Power BI - Management Accounts

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Power BI - Management Accounts
by Denise Eglinton - Friday, 11 September 2020, 2:42 PM

Dear Colleague,

The eLearning team are pleased to announce that the Power BI Management Accounts course has now been launched.

This course consists of five short videos and was created to demonstrate how to use Power BI Management Accounts.  It is an optional course, but is recommended for Team Leaders and above. 

If staff feel they should have access to Power BI Management Accounts, but do not, they should send a request to the IT Service Desk via their Line Manager.

To find the course, click the drop down arrow beside Find Learning, select Resources for Managers from the course categories and from the list you will see the course titled Power BI Management Accounts.

Many thanks to Beth Anderson (Subject Matter Expert) who created the videos.

Kind regards