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Stanford Introduction to Food and Health Course

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Stanford Introduction to Food and Health Course
by Denise Eglinton - Monday, 4 May 2020, 10:37 AM

Dear Colleague

During these unusual times, our health and wellbeing and that of the people we support comes sharply into focus.  Whilst there is a lot of uncertainty, we are also seeing amazing compassion, creativity and a desire amongst our staff to continue to learn and develop new skills.

If you have been considering brushing up on your cooking skills, learning some new recipes and have a drive to provide more healthy and nutritious meals for the people you support, your loved ones or even just for yourself, we have sourced a really interesting free course for you.

It is called the Stanford Introduction to Food and Health via Coursera.  The course consists of four sections of material, with each week containing between four to six short videos on topics ranging from food and nutrients, to trends in eating and how to cook and eat for both your health and happiness.

This resource will be useful for those who prepare meals and empower people we support to make healthier choices, if they wish.

If you have a Coursera account, click here

If you want to read a guide on how to register with Coursera, click here (you will need to log in to Qlearn first).

Kind regards