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IMPORTANT - Incorrect Certificate Dates

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IMPORTANT - Incorrect Certificate Dates
by Claire Jeffrey - Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 4:35 PM

Dear colleagues

I would like to make you aware of an issue affecting some certificates. If you completed a mandatory course prior to September 30th 2015, and since that date have gone back and reprinted your certificate (or printed it for the first time), then that is the date which will appear, regardless of when you actually passed the assessment. This was due to a change to our server settings on that date, and can not be resolved.

If you see September 30, 2015 on any of your certificates, it is important to check when you ACTUALLY did the assessment so that you know if you are due a refresher. This is easy to do by just going back into the relevant course, back into the assessment tab, and clicking to take the test again. You will then see the date of your attempt(s).

If you would like to reprint a certificate from a course you did before 30th September 2015 please get in touch with the elearning team and we will get one for you.

Kind regards